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Released ‘KaneiTsuho’

December 4, 2013zsub No Comments »

The model name is “Kanei-Tsuho” of Japanese currency of a long time ago. This model was used as a currency in the Edo period Japan mainly. The 96 pieces money are passed through a string called “Zeni-Sashi”, it was called with “Toushi-Hyaku(100)-Mon”.

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Released Basic NINJA.

October 20, 2013zsub No Comments »

New released 3D character model. The model contents of This time is Japanese Ninja. Basic style Ninja. Design without waste, and simple. 3D native format is three type of below. Each data has been setting rigs. – Softimage 2012 – Maya 2011 – Lightwave 11.6 OBJ and FBX is also included in data. // Notice […]

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Released ShurikenPack01.

September 10, 2013zsub No Comments »

ShurikenPack01 released. It’s “Shihou-Shuriken” of 4 type are packed. It is divided the product to each format, and it is with affordable price.

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Introduction of zsub-3D works on TurboSquid market.

September 5, 2013zsub No Comments »

The “Shihou-Shuriken”. One of the Ninja’s weapon.

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Welcome to zsub-3D

August 20, 2013zsub No Comments »

Welcome to zsub-3D. This web site, introduce a 3D model that was created by zsub from Japan. I have sold in the Turbosquid mainly. Last, I am English very immature… Challenge. Thank you for your support.

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